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Job Role
Who are we?

SeeAbility is a charity that supports people with learning disabilities, sight loss, and a wide range of other needs.

We are a forward thinking supported living service, always striving to improve and find better ways of doing things. We are an established staff team who share a passion for making a difference to the people we support in whatever way we can.

Who do we support?

We support ten people in their own flats on one site.

Two of them would like to tell you more about themselves:

I’m Andrew, I’m 49, I have cerebral palsy. My hands and legs don’t coordinate well and I use a wheelchair. I like football, I support Bristol Rovers. I also like meals out and I like talking! I am looking for someone who can do these things with me, someone who listens to me, someone who is patient, someone who is unphased by things, and someone with a sense of humour.

I’m Scott, I have an eye condition which means I’m shortsighted, I’m a wheelchair user. I like to garden, cooking is one of my main interests, and I like learning new things. My support worker has to be passionate, they have to listen and respect me as a person.

What are we looking for?

Passion to help and make a difference

Open mindedness, empowering equality for the people we support

Team work which includes the people we support as part of the wider team

Initiative to motivate and guide someone to achieve their potential

Thinking outside the box to creatively enable people to accomplish their goals

Imaginative solutions to breaking down barriers

Commitment to continuous learning and personal growth

Our Benefits
So apart from transforming lives what’s in it for you? You’ll benefit from working with a team of passionate and skilled specialists, an outstanding induction and training programme with on-going development and the option to gain formal qualifications as well as the opportunity to progress your career in a sector that genuinely offers careers for life. In addition we also offer a range of benefits including flexible working options and a company pension scheme. And we don’t expect you to take your work home with you at the end of the day, in fact, it’s illegal!