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Job Role

Would you like to become a physiotherapy assistant?

Part time. From Monday to Thursday. 8:30 to 16:30 hours.

Salary: £9.10 per hour

If you are fit and you have a great desire to acquire knowledge and understanding of physiotherapy concepts, to then be able to support individuals with high-quality physiotherapy interventions, please contact Dawn and/or Annita so that we can give you more specific details about this job opportunity.

The main three duties that you will be requested to carry out are as follows:

  1. To assist the physiotherapist in order to provide person centred physiotherapy sessions in the gym, rebound therapy and hydrotherapy pool.
  2. To carry out weekly checks and maintain everyone’s wheelchairs, slings, sleep systems and other equipment.
  3. To daily test the pool water (Chlorine and PH levels) and to ensure that the gym and the hydrotherapy area’s are kept tidy and clean.


The successful applicant will also have to perform admin tasks as per the department needs, such as writing and sending emails to families, other members of the staff and/or wheelchair services. Therefore, basic computer skills and good English communication skills are needed for the post.

We feel that it is very important that all individuals are motivated to participate in therapy sessions and that the sessions are adapted to everyone’s needs. Some sessions will have to be fun, full of creativity, imagination, music and games; other sessions will have to be quiet, calm, relaxing and caring. Therefore, the main goal for a Physio Assistant is to make sure that all individuals enjoy their therapy and that they want to come back again next time.


Important general considerations for this post:

Working in the gym means that you need to be willing to work in awkward positions such as sitting on the floor and on your knees. You will also be expected to assist sessions on the trampoline, which requires big levels of energy.

In the afternoons, you will be supporting hydrotherapy sessions in the pool area, where the temperature is up to 28 degrees and the humidity up to 79%.

Equipment and risk assessments will be provided to accommodate your needs; however, it is very important that you consider yourself fit and ready to carry out these physical tasks.

Our Benefits