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About The Role

Full time or Part Time opportunities available.

We have 2 jobs for people who are self advocates with lived experience of learning disability, autism or both and 2 jobs for people with experience of working in health, social care or the voluntary services. The Eye Care Champions will be co-workers in each area to use their skills together to do the work. We are looking for people who live in the North West or London and want to work 15 – 37.5 hours a week. We can be very flexible about your work base, days and hours and will give you all the training, equipment and support you need to do the job.

At SeeAbility we think people with learning disabilities have the right to see as well as they can, just like everyone else. We know that people with learning disabilities are much more likely to have problems with their eyes. For over 10 years we have been working to make sure everyone knows what needs to change so that people with learning disabilities of all ages are getting the eye care they need.

We are excited that the NHS have said that health services need to be made better for people with a learning disability, autism or both in their Long Term Plan. This means there is going to be more work for us to do.

Our new Every Day in Focus project is all about Eye Care Champions making people with learning disabilities and their supporters in local communities “eye care aware”. We will do this through training, awareness raising and giving advice using all of SeeAbility’s eye care resources.

About You:
We are looking for people who want to make a difference and speak up for the equal rights of people with learning disabilities.

Any of the experiences below would make you a great Eye Care Champion!

  • You might have your own personal experience of living with a learning disability, autism or both as well as your own experiences of eye care or eye problems.
  • You might do paid or voluntary work in advocacy services or planning for learning disability services in your local area.
  • You might work in health, education or social care services and have experience of supporting and working with people with learning disabilities or in eye care/sight loss services.
  • You might know lots about services for people with learning disabilities and their families in your area.

We have an easy read version of the job description to download from this page. If you would like any information sent to you in a different format or have any questions then please call, text or email our Eye Care and Vision Manager Steve Kill.

Telephone: 07738 040307

Email: s.kill@seeability.org 

You can apply for the jobs on line by uploading your CV or you can call or email us to find out the best way for you to apply. This could be by filling in an easy read application form or sending us a letter or video about you.